This Weeks Thank You: Bitmoji, Texting Will Never Be the Same

I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and had the pleasure of going to brunch with a group of friends. We were talking, laughing and then Bitmoji happened and all communication ceased. To a passerby we probably looked like this group below. God help us!

Group text

Assume the position: neck tilted down at a 40 degree angle, both hands firmly grasping your phone, thumbs dancing across the screen. In just under five minutes you hold in your hand your very own emoji!

If the minimal selection of emoji faces on your keypad has left you wanting more – download Bitmoji so you can intensively select the absolute best response to your friends and family.

These guys just don’t cut it nowadays. Sad but true.












Wanna jump on the bandwagon? Just go to the app store and search the name – Bitmoji. Winner winner, chicken dinner when you find the cute little wink below.


You won’t regret it, I promise. Once your creation is complete you can add this to your keyboard on your phone and laboriously search out the perfect expressions for each text.

Let the text messaging fun commence!

I recently sent this one to my hubby.  He FullSizeRenderresponded with the text below.


He knows me so well!




This Weeks Thank You: Podcast

Road warriors, let me introduce you to my good friend Podcast.

I used to rent books on CD from the library quite regularly to decrease boredom while driving. Yes, I realize how old that makes me sound. But when you drive as much as I do Pandora and chats on the phone will only take you so far.

When the highway sleepy’s nestle in, don’t get pulled over for weaving in and out of the lines. Call on your pal Podcasts. [Years ago a State Trooper in Ohio actually pulled me over for this reason. Story for another time.]


Click of the finger and I’m loaded up with hours of entertainment. Beats driving to the library to peruse the books on CD. Plus I’m naturally a talker and 10 decibels louder than the average bear so the library is probably one of the worst places for me to go.

A bull in a China shop is the equivalent of ChaVo in the library.


I mean nothing against my local libraries but the pressure to finish all 16 CDs of Harry Potter in two weeks was more stress than I needed. My husband is right, I can find a way to spend money anywhere. A place that is free for membership and free to rent books and CDs and I’m over here stopping at an ATM to get a $20.00 to pay late fees. I mean really, two weeks!

No mas.

You see that purple box below. It contains all my car riding joy. That is of course only when you aren’t riding shoty 😉

It’s name is Podcasts and it’s my best friend while driving. Again, that is of course only when you aren’t riding shoty.


We are fortunate to live in era of ever evolving technology. While I’m not always the quickest to pick up on new technology I am quick to utilize it once Matthew teaches it to me. Thank God for that man and his superior wisdom….in this particular area.


So many options to choose from. I got NPR, TED Talks, Leadership help, my favorite Pastors. I mean this is awesome.

I’m driving. I’m learning. The ultimate multitasker.

There have been times where I’m so enthralled by what I’m listening to I’ve found myself sitting in my parked car trying to pull myself away. I stare at my house longing to go in but unable to tear myself away. The best problem I’ve had all day.

I highly recommend.

So a big thanks goes out to my purple little app for the limitless hours of entertainment.