Getting Lippy With You Part II

I got that red lip, classic, thing that looks like Taylor Swift. Thanks to [Too Faced] I’m rockin a similar look these days.


I was gifted this little treasure for my bday by a good friend in April. Thanks pal!


Brand: Too Faced

Color: Melted Strawberry

Price: $21.00

This long wear lipstick is red with an orange tint. A little goes a long way and the finish is really glossy and light weight. My favorite thing about wearing this color is even after it starts to wear off, which takes like 5 hours, it stains my lips and with a some clear lip gloss on top of the stain I’m good to go without reapplication.

Every time I wear this color I get a “nice lipstick” compliment. Winning!

My only compliant is it bleeds into my ever increasing lip wrinkles. Not winning. Wrinkles = wisdom, right? So at this rate I’ll be looking wise like Einstein by 40. So much to look forward to.


Other fun colors for you to check out by Too Faced.



Deal or No Deal

Last week I visited an old friend, J.

J. Crew that is.

“Praise Jesus, they are having a sale!” They must have sensed I was coming. But seriously this store is always having a sale and that’s what makes us such close friends.

Everything I scooped up on this visit, seen below, was at least 40% – 60% off. This trip was totally full of deals!

If you visit – make sure you get your Third Times a Charm Card. On your 3rd purchase you get 30% off. Queue music……

And you can tell everybody this is my store

It may be quite simple but not that it’s done

I hope you don’t mind

I hope you don’t mind

That I put down in words

How wonderful life is while you’re sales are in my world


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Featured image

Featured image

Featured image

Featured image

My Apologizes, I’m About To Get Lippy With You

I am a lipstick, lip gloss buying fool as of late.

Previously, I led a quiet simple life as a chap stick girl and then several months ago I made a friend. She shared her fondness of makeup with me and little by little I was hooked. She’s my dealer and I’m addicted. Thanks Em.LIP PRODUCT

Below you will find no kissy face – duck imitating puckers. Side note: Girls please stop making that face. All of you! When your future employer considers you for hire and their HR rep facebooks you the truth will be known – you’re one of those girls. So ultimately I’m doling out this advice to protect your career.

From CVS to Ulta to the MAC counter. Like everything else in life, some products can be very pricey but when it comes to lipstick I go quantity over quality. I enjoy variety when choosing lip shades.

Below are my latest exploits.Red

Brand: MAC

Color: Matte Chili

Price:$16.oo. Free for me. I turned in 6 eye compacts and in exchange I got a free lipstick. How cool is that!

Love the muted look of matte finish. I was looking for a red that wasn’t in your face. Chili has a burnt orange hue that I believe fits the mold I was searching for.  It wears for hours and has been known to stay on during snack time and during my many other feeding times.


Brand: Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer

Color: HD Pink Ruby


I received an Ulta coupon in the mail and put it to good use on this purchase. The lacquer has a gorgeous glossy look with a sticky finish. Spring is in the air and this color is perfect for this time of year! Also Emma Stone was on the display and I love her so if she’s down – I’m down.

light lip (1)

Brand: Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm

Color: Nudetrients


I can’t remember if I got this at CVS or Ulta. Both stores carry this color though. This shear and shiny look is easy and as much as I love the bold colors I love the no fuss look too. It’s also great to gloss up the matte lipstick above which I’ve done before. Also because it’s considered a lip balm it’s very moisturizing.