Trending: Furrrr, It’s Cold Outside

Christmas was a balmy 60 this year. I know many here in Michigan were missing the snow. I was not among them. I was loving the fact that I could ditch my coat and sport my new fur vest as we galavanted all over the state for Christmas parties.

I should add it’s a fake fur vest right off the rack from Target. I don’t do real fur. I prefer real fur remain on the backs of animals as God intended it to be.

I can remember being pretty young, I’ll say around eight. We were visiting my grandma and I can remember her telling my Mom what an awesome deal she’d gotten on a real mink coat. This was around the same time Ghostbusters II had come out and all I could picture was the lady below.


I’m not a [PETA] kinda girl, unless your talking Hunger Games Peeta. You won’t catch me throwing paint at people for wearing real fur but I totally support the ethical treatment of animals. I want to ride the fence between eating animals to nourish myself and making a hard stop at killing animals to drape them around my neck in the name of fashion.

During the 2015 Fashion Week, these furs were spotted strutting the runway. The good news is you don’t have spend thousands or kill innocent animals to have this look.


I love fashion but for me personally, what’s on the runway isn’t always easy to transition to everyday fashion. My philosophy has always been to take a trend or two and make them work for me. I try to find something that will last for years. If it’s timeless piece it’s worth the investment. If it’s to trendy it’s a waste of money as you will inevitably look “so last year” within months.

I recently saw wide leg jeans at J. Crew. I can’t. Stone-wash jeans – no freaking way! Crop tops you can burn along with the pile of stone-wash jeans. You can probably add a few to the list and you get what I mean.

I love the vest trend and it’s been lingering for years without a dollar of my contribution. This summer it was denim vests. I didn’t jump on that bandwagon but I couldn’t resist the fur this year. Target had the right look for the right price. Always. So I finally took the plunge.

For around $40.00 bucks I joined the vest club.

I’m a big fan of how you can dress it down or up depending on the occasion.

Over a flannel and you’ve got the perfect errand running outfit. vest

Pieced together with a clean white button down and some boyfriend jeans and it’s date night worthy or perfect for meeting girl friends for dinner.


Get fancy over a dress with tall boots and you’re ready for the New Years party.


The winner, on a baby. Going to file this one away until I have my own little princess to dress up.

FullSizeRender (00000002)




Right on Target Pizza

Some days are just normal days.

Some days are just ordinary days.

Some days are Target days. This is where magic happens and ChaVo dreams come to life.


On Target days – this girl knows something good is about to happen.

Today’s good thing, was this t-shirt. Untitled

Tid-bit of honesty; I do believe there is more to life than a slice of that cheesy goodness but life is greatly enhanced with pizza in it. GREATLY ENHANCED!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure to meet up with a sweet friend of mine. We decided to hit up our favorite Detroit pizza joint, Supinos. We split not one but two personal size pizzas. Don’t act like your not impressed. As we sat there chatting, the delivery guy walked up with a third pizza and explained how he’d brought us the wrong toppings. This made our grand total pizza count, three.

Be still my heart.

It’s been a happy week filled with pizza dreams.