Un Poco Gordo

Un poco gordo translates to, a little overweight  in English. This is one of the few phrases I remember from High School Spanish. I did not one, but two semesters of Spanish. Ready for a not so proud admission? I signed up for round two of Espaniol because I knew I could get away with doing practically NOTHING to pass with a 4.0.  Sadly it wasn’t because of my affection for foreign language.

I [could] be somewhat fluent in Spanish had I not cheated the whole way through that year. Forgive me, I was 16 once and my 16-year-old brain’s thought process went something like…

My spanish teacher doesn’t seem to notice or really care if I cheat. I don’t have this option in Physics or Advanced Lit therefore I should cheat.


I live in a country that speaks English therefore I don’t need to be bilingual so I should cheat.


I can talk all hour with my best friend or conjugate verbs? Cheat.

Cheating won 3 times out of 3.

I’m curious even to this very day why this phrase stuck with me all these years later. Probably because I found it funny and if I think somethings funny I remember it. Maybe if my Spanish teacher would have been a comedian I’d be bilingual.

Oh my troubled youth.

Speaking of funny, if you haven’t checked out Comedians In Cars Getting Coffeedo it! You can thank me later. You especially have to watch the episode with Will Ferrell. Let Jerry’s face be a sign of good belly laughs to come.


In this episode Will Ferrell admits he’s the type of guy “who has to workout just to look fat.”

I laughed. Out loud. For like five minutes.

I get ya Will. I could work out everyday and still the Mommy belly remains. I know exactly why though.

Donuts & pizza to start. I’m impatient. I stick with a workout plan for like a week. After I finish my workout I truly believe I’ll magically drop 10lbs. From one run. One! And then after my ONE run I want to “treat” myself with a donut. I think about eating my next meal as I’m halfway through my current one. Clearly, my love affair with food trumps my desire to slim down.

To the beat of a drum, Robert Palmer sings ” gonna have to face it you’re addicted to food.” This post-preggo bod ain’t getting tone anytime soon with this mentality. I see pics of Momma’s holding their two week olds in tight dresses, their belly’s flat as a pancake and instead of getting inspired I start thinking about how good a pancake would taste.

Help me Jesus!

My wake up call came in the brightly lit fitting room of my beloved Target. Such a strange feeling to be sad at Target. Trying on bathing suits can have this effect on women, no matter what store their at.

Matthew and I are going to the Bahamas next Wednesday and I wanted to grab a new swimsuit for our Mom & Dad get away. I stood staring at my reflection in the large rectangular mirror. Pale and out of shape. Squishy in all the wrong areas. Puzzled. Questioning, is it me, or is this just a really bad mirror?

I’m un poco gordo. As funny as I thought this phrase was in High School – the reality is, it’s no joke!

I handed over the swimwear to the curly haired lady running the dressing rooms with my head hung low. Matthew sensing my defeat asked me why I looked so sad. He to was all kinds of confused as he’d never seen me anything but elated while shopping at Target. The tears welled up at his question.

Time to stop complaining and get busy! This was the motivation I needed.

As much as I love food I love fitting into my jeans too. So I’m going to have to part ways with my sugar and carbs for now. Or at least only visit them on the weekends. After all I’ve already established I’m a recovering cheater so lean eating of any kind is challenging.

Maybe you feel me. Maybe you were one of those people who confidently committed to making the New Year a [healthy one.] Maybe you’re a new Momma trying to lose the last of the baby weight. Maybe you’re currently checking out Crossfit, in week two of the Whole 30 diet, or just coming to grips with the fact that those extra pounds you’ve wanted to lose for several months are now a faithful companion. A companion you’re ok with having around. Wherever you are I hope you’re happy and can laugh at the situation as Will Ferrell does.

Being un paco gordo isn’t a bad thing as long as you’re healthy and you like the way you look. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is truly the name of the game for me.

As for this girl – I’m working on it.

My goals are quite simple —

  • Eat real food and stay away from processed stuff. The end. I’ve thrown away the junk food in my cupboards which is a BIG DEAL. I know those little treats will beckon to me in moments of weakness. Minimizing temptation is half the battle.


  • I’ve upped my water intake so the hungries stay away. I add a few drops of Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange or Lime essential oil and my water goes from Blah to Tada!

  • I stocked up on tons of lean protein and veggies. What’s surprised me the most is that when I have real food to eat I actually eat it! Go figure. A little preparation goes a LONG WAY.
  • Most importantly I’m committed to being patient. I know I won’t have six pack abs in a week. Which isn’t the end goal anyway. Six packs are for Frat parties. I just want to be less squishy.

Please wish this recovering cheater lots of success!


Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say: Donald Trump is the Man!

So one of my 2016 resolutions goals is to read more. Readers are leaders folks.


Today during my glance through the news I found this gem of a headline on Quartz.


Hitler, Stalin, Trump. Wow! You’ve really made a reputation for yourself Mr. Trump. My little Trumpkin – affectionately named as he always looks orange, is going to be pouting over this headline.
Capture d


The man has little to no poker face and so if he gets wind of this article it’s likely Megyn Kelly will take the blame.




I don’t consider myself especially political. I like to know what’s going on out there but to think one man or women is going to turn this country around and solve all our problems is quite delusional. Part of the reason I’m on hiatus from Facebook is to avoid the political rants that I’m assuming are filling everyone’s feed. It’s enough to make a person come unglued, turn orange with range and act a bit like my friend Trumpkin.

Love him or hate him he’s here. God help us he’s everywhere! He isn’t going away so the question is how can we stay tuned to what’s going on without throwing our remotes at the TV every time he opens that little beak.

Try my tactic when facing an annoying or uncomfortable situation – find the humor.

Let me help you….


Definitely the corn!

I’m not sure who I’m going to vote for but I will tell you this – you will never hear me say Donald Trump.

Happy election season! May it be swift and Trump free.



Onto A New Chapter. I’m Leaving Facebook.

I wake up and roll over. First action to start the day, Facebook. A few minutes later my blurry vision is clear and I see I have a problem.

Why is this the first thing I do in the morning? Instead of snoozing my alarm I’m laying in bed snoozing the day with my news feed. I’ve been reading posts for close to seven minutes. While I so enjoy laying in my cozy bed well after the alarms gone off this just feels very unproductive.

I read an article about seven things highly successful people do in the morning and Facebook wasn’t on the list. If this list composed of 50 things highly successful people do in the morning I’m almost certain, it still wouldn’t make the cut.

For the past few years I can truly say that I have thought about leaving Facebook almost daily. I question why I’m still one of Facebook’s billion users for many reasons. From the non-stop photos of your baby all the way to the other end of the spectrum, non-stop political rants I find myself irritated while closing down the app. Give it another few hours and sure as the sun will rise, I will be back to check out what’s new on my feed.


There’s a narcotic like addiction about this site. I know I’m not the only one out there. During dinner last night as a friend talked about how she was thinking about getting on Facebook we literally listed several reasons as to why this a bad idea. Multiple people, all users of the site trying to save our friend from the black hole that is Facebook. Life is perfectly good without it.


So for 2016 I decided to ditch the book. There are little things in my life that have made me feel so free as taking a hiatus from Facebook. I liked seeing the engagement and pregnancy announcements but I’m slightly happier not knowing the inner thoughts of so many.

I didn’t realize what a time – sucker this app truly was. To my benefit I’m now reading actual books instead of your opinions. I pay attention on conference calls instead of filling the lulls with Facebook posts. When the hubs and I are together I’m listening to him instead of being drawn away by an alert from FB.

While the app is good in a lot of ways at this point in my life it’s good for me to be away.


Daylight Daylight wherefore art thou Daylight

Dear daylight, I miss you.

Remember when it was daylight until 9:00PM?

Those were the days.

Now as I flip on Wheel of Fortune and glance outside I’m curious. How long has it been dark outside? The shades are open and I can view the darkness that fills the streets outside. The only light that’s visible is fluorescent. It gleams brightly off of an office building adjacent from my home.

As bright as it shines, it even looks a little sad all alone there in the alley. Left with it’s thoughts of the coming season. It’s preparing to work hard to bring us light in those dark, frigid days to come.


Daylight savings day is tomorrow. Some of you will rejoice for that extra hour of sleep. Good for you, [glass is half full] thinking optimist. I can’t even. My glass is half empty.

Loosing an extra hour of daylight is like watching someone grab the last piece of cake that you’d been eyeing. You’re a logical human being. You don’t cause a scene. For you know you will have cake again but for a moment you are just the slightest bit sad. This is the equivalent to me on D.S.D.

As I set my clock back I’m reminded that the days are getting shorter and growing colder. This is a double whammy for me. I know in no time at all it will be March and we’ll be springing forward but for the slightest moment I mourn the loss of my friend daylight.

With less daylight we get less sunlight and on to my next point.

Vitamin D is pretty much my favorite vitamin. If you’re taking a vitamin D supplement it’s pretty much a happy pill. Not really, but it helps. Research suggests that it has benefits of fighting depression and common colds. Both are in ample supply for Michigan winters. Michigan is dreary.com for the next few months.

My non-medical, read it on the internet conclusion – is if the sun doles out a lot of vitamin D and I live in a place with minimal sunshine during the winter I’m bound to feel a little sad and sick at some point.

The equation is as such: 

Spring + Summer * Sunshine = Happiness

WinterSunshineSeasonal Affective Disorder

S.A.D. is a legit thing. This type of depression literally spells SAD. That’s sad in itself? When the sun goes away the winter blues are here to stay.

Now time for honest [ridicoulus] thoughts that go through my head

How will we go on?

  1. It’s just less daylight. It’s not like Zombie’s or Vampires attack because there’s more darkness.
  2. Throw some fun plans on the calendar so these dreadful winter months fly by while your laughing with friends and family.
  3. Celebration galore is right around the corner.  My goodness, Halloween candy was on shelves 8 weeks ago and now Christmas stuff is everywhere. Dress up for Halloween. Be thankful and eat lots of pumpkin pie and turkey. Then exchange presents for Jesus’s birthday! Good days are ahead.

How will I fight off Seasonal Affective Disorder?


Food will get you through. But….

I have to watch my weight this time of year as I’m just not as active. Then again nature intended it this way. Just ask a bear. I read that fish, mushrooms and orange juice all have good amounts of vitamin D. I couldn’t find pizza on the list for a D boost but regardless, pizza makes me happy and will substitute for sunlight in the interim.

I checked the Farmer’s Almanac, it predicted that it’s going to be a mild winter for snow here in the mitten. Even though I don’t LOVE snow it does brighten up the dreariness. I might be the only non-farmer that checks the Farmers Almanac for the weather ahead. Something about knowing what I’m about to get into, helps me make peace with it all. Then again, having lived in Michigan my whole life – I should know better. The weather is as predictable as my mood. #InfertilityMedProblems


On the bright side….

Positive thoughts. I’m already counting down to the Winter Solstice. Once we hit December 21st we start gaining something like, 1.5 minutes of daylight back. Victory!

Also I have a Southwest flight voucher burning a hole in my pocket. Florida anyone? Currently the Bonventre’s are on a budget but with all these Marriott points and the SW voucher – it’s gunna happen. I’ll get my vitamin D tank filled up and in no time it’ll be Spring!

Don’t forget to set those clocks back!

Shots! Shots! Shots!

Not this shot.


Or these shots.


These shots.



IVF: the needle that keeps on giving. That has a Hallmark ring to it, right?

This week we had a pretty significant day that was all over the media. Back to the Future Day – October 21st, 2015. For the Bonventre crew, party of two – it’s the week we started IVF shots.


I’m not scared of getting a shot. My senior year at Michigan State I had an all expense paid, 15 day stay at the hospital. I had my appendix out in September of 2005 which spiraled into other health complications. The doctors believe this minor surgery caused scar tissue to quickly form around my bowel and cause an obstruction landing me back in the hospital. While my pals were studying and eating Ramen Noodles I had an NG tube down my nose and a PICC line in my arm.

I know how to have a RAGING good time.

Appendix out, totally normal for a 22-year-old. Bowel Obstruction, not so normal for a 22-year-old.

For two weeks I was poked and prodded by the medical staff at Sparrow hospital and thus my fear of needles disappeared. When you have an IV moved multiple times a day to elevate the pain in your arms and hands, you’re forced to get over the little prick of a needle.

Getting my blood drawn, also not a problem. It doesn’t phase me. Thank goodness because getting your blood drawn is a weekly activity during IVF.

Now, when my loving but [medically inexperienced] husband holds the needle – the panic returns.

Let’s walk this out, shall we. First of all, we’ve established needles are not scary to me, nor is my hubby but the combo of the two coming at my stomach is slightly unnerving.

Very unnerving.

Here’s an example of how nice my husband is. I want you to understand the nature of this man I married. He cringes when setting mouse traps to catch Fievel Mousekewitz look a-likes. So I was unsure if he could successfully stab his wife with a needle. I was mentally preparing for the worst. If he hesitates and inserts the needle slowly it’s gonna hurt. But when a job has to be done, i.e., killing vermin or giving me a shot he’s all business.

He held that needle in his hand and jabbed my stomach without hesitation. I think a part of him secretly enjoyed it.

I’m laughing as I write this because the thought of my husband wanting anything, let alone me, to suffer is comical. It’s not in him. He’s a teddy bear. He would never want to see me in any discomfort. I’m lucky he does this for me. He’s brave. If the roles were reversed I don’t know if I would have the kahunas to do this for him.

We’ve had a bit of a heavy year. We kicked off 2015 with Dad Bonventre being really ill.  Add the infertility stuff for a running 18 months. Then a bit of a messy situation with my family this fall and I’m really ready for a fresh start in 16. For some reason the promise of a new year holds unlimited possibilities. I suppose it’s wishful thinking.

All this, coupled with my recent consumption of extra hormones and you can understand why I haven’t been a sweetheart and Matthew [didn’t] hate stabbing me with that needle.

The other night I was in such a bad mood, over who knows what, that as I prepared Chicken Marsala for dinner and the recipe suggested the chicken be pounded until flat – I hammered that poor little chicken booby until Matthew had to intervene.

“I think you’ve accomplished the job,” was all he had to say to make me realize I had some pent up steam that needed to be released.

Dinner was really good that night and my mood improved. Thank God for chicken!

We are trying our best to find the humor in all this. We keep reminding ourselves that while this is tough for the moment – no one is sick and good news is on the way. We have more than enough food. We have a roof over our head and a God that loves us dearly.

And of course we have each other. Even if one of us is being stabbed it’s with love the jabbing is being done!

Until the next update…


Our Bonadventures: Disney

The last time I went to Disney I was in my early 20’s. My girlfriend had an internship with them so a few friends and I took this magical opportunity to visit her and the parks.

She hooked us up royally. A perk of her internship was free passes for friends and family. At any stage of my life, free is good. It is especially good for the budgets of girls right out of college. With our park hopper pass in hand we were able to jump from park to park and revert back to children together. We definitely had a good time.

The Bonventre crew did Disney last week and the only thing that was free was the heat. Our government could really benefit from this torture method. I’m going to admit that I would have confessed just about anything to get in air conditioning last week. Being outdoors in Florida during August ain’t got nothin on water boarding. I would have rode, “It’s a Small World” 18 more times to stay cool. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting, The Magic Kingdom and you went on this ride, you know what I’m talking about. That song will not be out of your head for roughly 7-10 business days. Well worth the cold blast of air conditioning, right Donald.


I know what the Wicked Witch of the East meant when she screamed “I’m melting,  I’m melting.”


If I had a dollar for every time I said I was hot last week I could probably buy a nice piece of Disney stock but I refuse to give that company any more of my money. For now anyway.

Here’s a question for you: would you rather buy a house or go to Disney? They are roughly the same price so you can only pick one.

It was $9.99 for 1 candy apple and $1000 for everything else. They’re super cute but I mean, really? Ten dollars? It’s an apple!!!


“We’re paying for the experience,” is what we kept telling each other. Oh my gosh you’re right. I signed up and paid for all of this! What kind of crazy am I?

Let’s move on from my complaining shall we. I’m only trying to be funny. I realize how infinitely fortunate I am to have visited this wonderful place. It’s truly magical but in August it’s not the happiest place on earth.

Disney is unlike anything else and that’s why it’s worth it.

I think.

The bottom line – it was a really great trip with the family and that’s why we go through these things, isn’t it. For family.

The crazy clan I married into and have the honor of being part of believes family is everything and they are everything to me. It’s wild how one day you barely know a group of people and several years later you can’t imagine life without them.

A few tips when visiting Disney:

  1. Save for 30 years so you can take your whole family and not have to pick what child gets to go. Disney does have affordable lodging and you can always stay off site. If we get to go again we are thinking about renting a house to cut costs.
  2. Wear the most comfortable shoes you can find. The average Disney visitor walks around 10 miles a day while visiting the parks. We did not skimp on the indoor or seated rides as it was our only chance to be comfortable and these classic rides are some of the cutest.
  3. Sign up for Fast Passes so you can skip the line. You are allowed three to begin with. This minimizes waiting in line significantly. Disney has an great app you can get for your phone should you need to update the times you want to go on a ride. Disney also has kiosks where you can do this. After you use your first three fast passes you can pull up the app and sign up for your next pass.  You can sign up for the pass 60 days from the time of your scheduled visit. Fast passes are free!
  4. Don’t go during summer. It’s wicked hot.
  5. If you do go in the summer – pack deodorant. The other patrons will thank you!
  6. You can bring food into the park. Pack lunches and buckets of water to cut down on spending. Mom brought in a whole cooler of water and it served us well!
  7. You can get water from any of the restaurants. By law they have to give you free cups of water. Disney is all about family and they don’t want dead, dehydrated parents and kids littering their pristine parks. When I heard this free water tidbit I thought someone was messing with me but behold, it is true.
  8. You can rent scooters and literally ride rides all day long without standing in line! Mom and Dad had the right idea. They scooted all week. Almost 40 years of marriage and they still know how to party. True meaning of ride or die.
  9. If you are sticking around for the fireworks you will leave with a mass exodus of people and will have to wait for the monorail or ferry to get back to your car. They need a fast pass for this line! My suggestion would be to hangout for a bit. Find a bench and reminisce about the fun day you had until the lines decrease somewhat. Your feet will thank you.


Matt and I

lisa joel even)

These two nuggets are the real reason behind our Disney extravaganza. Dominic and baby cousin Evan were definitely the highlight of our week!

Ev and Dom

Highlight #2 of my week, seen below at the T-Rex restaurant in downtown Disney. Good Lord I love Dinosaurs.


Uncle Matt and Dominic on Thunder Mountain. Real men ride roller coasters with their hands up.


Sweaty and smiling! I love the snot out of this kid.


All About the Do-Do

Not this dew…


Or this Dew…

Mt Dew

I mean this do…[I do.]

wedding pic

Look at those kids. So in love.

This past June I attended a Catholic wedding. The Priest started by thanking us for joining together with our friends as they partook in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony. I never got down with the whole Catholic scene so this wordy phrase peeked my interest. Why didn’t he just say marriage?

At this point in the game I’ve attended my fair share of weddings, some of them Catholic. This time I was paying attention though. Normally I’m half listening, half in my own thoughts staring at a stained glass window of Jesus. It quite possibly could have been the glare from the shiny gold plated bible that the Priest held that captured my attention. But either way – I needed to know more. I needed to know why this statement was used.

Somewhere along the timeline of my life I have heard about Catholic sacraments but never understood them largely in part because I’m not Catholic. My husband, growing up in the Catholic church, loosely explained the concept and my Mother-in-law filled in the details.

Google helped as well.

 "The Latin word sacramentum means "a sign of the sacred."

So when our Catholic friends complete a Sacrament, what they are doing is an outward action that is sacred. Do you know what sacred means? Go ahead, look it up. Or you can trust me because I just looked it up. It means [connected with God.] Folks this act of marriage is serious business. This stuff ain’t no joke.

Whatever your belief is, marriage is truly a special thing. What married couples do months and years after this ceremony is, well a whole nother thing. Can I just say Ashley Madison. Not sacred.

I was recently sharing a little story from my past to site an example of the difference between dating and happily ever after. The great evolution of marriage.

As the tale goes: young ChaVo and Matthew, fully twitterpated with one another visited the Target down the street from Matthew’s house (now our house.)

If you are’t familiar with the term [twitterpated] it’s in the same category as puppy love and can be fully understood by watching Disney’s classic, Bambi. Basically you gross people out.

No you hang up.

No you hang up.

Ok we’ll do it together on 3.

1 – 2 – 3.

Awww you’re still there!


We live just five quick minutes from Target. It’s everything a girl dreams of when she thinks about moving in with her husband.

Our Target, however, boarders the Detroit city limit. As I’m sure any of you familiar with Detroit can imagine, it pulls in an interesting crowd.

I bet you don’t have a security guard to greet you when you walk into the Target by your house.

Upon exiting the store we saw a police car speed around the corner towards the main entrance. A police officer jumped out in hot pursuit of a teenage boy. They weren’t playing tag. Somebody had sticky fingers and instead of paying for his items, like we did, the kid put’em in his pants for free.

What a concept! I’ve never tried this but I’ll bet it saves a lot of money.

Face kissing the asphalt, underneath the firm knee of a police officer, I heard this teen yell for his Momma. That’s the last person you should yell for when you get in trouble like this. My Mom would have given me the beating of a lifetime had I called her under similar circumstances.

As we got in the car Matthew affectionately turned towards me and warned me to never go to this Target without him. God forbid something happen to me.

Flash forward to present day as we quickly approach our eighth year together.

“I’m running to Target, do you want to come?”

He replies hesitantly, “do you need me to?”

My bodyguard is apparently off duty for Target errands these days. If he does come, it’s to ensure I don’t spend to much money. Eeeekkkk! My credit card loves Target.

This excitement, this jubilation of twitterpated-ness is a temporary high. When we are falling in love our brain is releasing all kinds of feel good chemicals and basically over time our body builds up a tolerance to them. Once the twitterpatted phase ends you enter the meat and potatoes of the relationship.

Mmmmmm I love meat and potatoes. Especially if there from Outback Steakhouse. “No rules. Just right.”


I’ve heard married couples say that they wish they could just go back to the high of when they were first dating their spouse.

I look at them and smile but inside I’m thinking – what kind of stupid request is that? 

Let me get this straight. You date wanting to get married and then you get married and want to go back to dating? I’m confused.

Who wants to be nervous every time they see their spouse. Stomach all in knots. How’s a girl supposed to enjoy a piece of pizza feeling like that.

I get what they mean. You’re so excited in those first days of dating. All the getting to know each other and discovery. I just heard my husband in the kitchen singing a line from the [Little Mermaid] so trust me when I say I’m still getting to know my husband.

If we could stop fantasizing and get back to reality that’d be really great. This isn’t a Rom-Com where Jennifer Aniston is the leading lady. This is real life. You are the leading character! So why are we setting unrealistic expectations in our heads instead of having honest conversations with our spouses?

My husband has seen me cry my makeup off and become furious over our infertility. When he draws me close and whispers in my ear that our time is coming – that’s romantic. That’s love.

Just this morning my husband made me laugh hysterically in the bathroom when he gagged and told me my morning breath was so bad it had to be from yesterday. This IS NOT romantic but it’s love.

You choose each other in the beginning but you have to continue to choose each other for everyday after. Marriage eventually changes out of a white gown to overalls and a hard hat because it’s hard work and in our society hard work is work and work isn’t fun. The mentality is let’s ditch this and go find something fun.

When Matthew and I were engaged we took a pre-marital class. We watched a video based on scripture found in Ephesians.

Husbands love your wife as yourself, and wives must respect her husband. Ephesians 5:33

What Paul is saying in this verse is that when men don’t show proper love to their wives, wives get lippy and disrespectful. When wives are rude and snotty because they don’t feel loved they jump on the merry-go-round called, “The Crazy Cycle.”


God makes it really simple for us. Stick to the blueprint people.

I don’t know much about marriage but this, I know. I’ve taken a few spins on the cycle and it’s rotten. If you’ve ever ridden on this carousel you don’t want to stay on long.Capture


Every part of our life is a season. A chapter in a very large volume of books. This helps me deal with the ups and downs of life and avoid riding The Crazy Cycle. This and when I’m acting crazy and the Holy Spirit calls me out – I try to get a sincere apology over to Matthew stat!

Husbands love your wives. Tell them how special they are. Truly listen when we are upset. We don’t need a strategy, we need your attentive ear. Bring tissues. We might cry. We don’t mean to make you uncomfortable when we cry that’s just what we do. Take the kids in the morning so Mommy’s can get some rest. When we reach for an extra piece of cake don’t remind us we said we felt fat earlier. Give us sweet touches and kind words throughout the day and see how that pays off at night. Wink, wink! We don’t need roses we need your attention.

Ladies be respectful. Don’t use your tears to manipulate your hubby. Lose the silent treatment. Don’t use your words to tear him apart. Use your words to compliment who he is. You married him because deep down he’s a good man no matter how many times he leaves the toilet seat up. Treat him like the knight and shining armor your dreaming of and see how he rises to the occasion. You are the only women who can truly make him feel needed and honored.

Oh and pray that God gives you the strength not to kill each other. Amen!

I am no expert on this matter but I really love my husband. Not everyday is a trip to Target but we try really hard to remind each other when we said [I do] we meant it.

When the crappy days come I try to remember….






My Intention is to be Intentional

Do you hear that? Time is ticking away and as fast as you run you can’t catch up to it.


There are not enough hours in the day or so they say.

Hey that rhymes!

Chances are if we had more time, we’d want even more. Such is the existence of a human being. We have to figure out how to live in such a way to make each moment count.

Got any bright ideas how to do this?

Some moments you need to just breathe. Some moments you need to stare at the stars. Some moments you need to be super productive. Some moments you need to just listen. Whatever the moment calls for I want it to count. I really want to lay my head on my pillow each night and think peacefully and joyfully, that was quite a day!

As I open my blinds around 7:30AM this morning and watch my neighbors back out of their driveway I’m reminded how awesome it is to work from home but something interesting happens when you work from home.

You are reminded/distracted by all the other things you could be getting done while you are at home.

My laundry lives in my office. The dirty floor of my office is also my home. The dogs laying on the couch need a bath. I should paint my nails. My focus hangs in the balance.

I would love to say that at the end of each day my house sparkles, I’ve checked in and had meaningful conversations with family and friends, ate right, exercised, and completed all the requirements of my J.O.B. Most days I have one or two items checked off and the rest spill over to the border of tomorrow.

Last week while I was talking to God, or commonly called praying, I felt encouraged to get my [time] organized. Be disciplined and consistent were the words running through my head.

2 Timothy 1:7 God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of 
power, love and self-discipline.

Honesty Check: I’ll admit that the dozen or so times I’ve read that verse I breeze over the word self-discipline. Other bible plans read, self control. However you slice it – I don’t define it.

I am SO not disciplined. I’m more of – go with the flow kinda girl. Meaning I like to go where the fun is flowing.

No time like the present to start!

When it comes to time – I’ve been trying to be more intentional this year. My husband and I started “Date Day” as opposed to just date night this past January. My sweet little hubby suggested this largely in part because he has a crazy travel schedule for work. This way we could have specific days for just the two of us (more to come in a future blog).

With that being said, I suppose this is part two of my living intentional year.

Soooo here’s what I have so far….

I started by isolating the most hectic part of my day. Mornings. Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner! Hands down the most rushed and unorganized time of my day.

Then I mapped out how my ideal morning would go. This is way more neurotic than I’ve ever been in my entire life but if the end game is to consciously try to make each day count I’ve got to make a change. This seems right. At least for now.

Mornings are a blur. Even for the girl who works from home. If I get up on time, I usually have just enough space in my morning to read my bible and pray before the onslaught of conference calls begin.

Side note: Jesus and coffee are the most important part of a successful morning. They get dibs on the first few minutes of my day.

So in addition to my devotional time I would like to work out and get some healthy snacks lined up and prepared for the day. You see when I say I work at home it’s more like 50% of my time is at home. Half of my time is in the field with my sales reps and half is spent at home on the computer. On a typical work day I’m so pressed for time, coffee and water sustain me through the morning and then I mimic a Tornado’s furry and rush out the door without eating and have no choice but to grab something on the road. Fast food, while delicious is terrible for you. Or at least that’s what they say.


If I can shed some pounds through intentional living – sign me up! That’s a double bonus.


I’ve got a plan, now on to executing it. We’ve come a long way in the advances of alarm clocks. My iPhone has a large role in this intentional living quest as you can see below.


I mentioned I lack discipline so these serve as reminders to wrap up what I’m currently doing and move on to the next part of my day. Honesty check: I don’t take on any stress if I miss out on my 8:35AM appointment. I know I can fit in a bike ride or walk or downward dog to the voices of Wheel of Fortune later that day if need be.

7:15AM – 8:35AM – Gotta hit the good book and spend some QT with my BFF Jesus.
8:35AM – 9:10AM –  Stop complaining about those few extra lbs and do something about it!
9:10AM – 9:30AM – Check out what’s happening in Outlook and get caught up with work.
9:30AM – 10AM – Shower, grab a green smoothie and water so you’re ready to sit through the morning load of conference calls. Boring.com
10:50PM – Start getting ready for sweet, sweet bedtime so you can be well rested to start this party all over again tomorrow.

Honesty Check: On Day 1 I was supposed to wake up at 7:00AM and I snoozed. Fail! Therefore I pushed everything back 15 minutes. Day 2, I snoozed again. So today, Day 7, I am waking up at 7:15ish.

I’m going to give this a whirl and see how it goes for a few weeks. By the end of this, the goal is to be a slightly slimmer more peaceful version of the girl who writes this today.

As always, I am a work in progress. Praise God!

This Weeks Thank You: Bitmoji, Texting Will Never Be the Same

I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and had the pleasure of going to brunch with a group of friends. We were talking, laughing and then Bitmoji happened and all communication ceased. To a passerby we probably looked like this group below. God help us!

Group text

Assume the position: neck tilted down at a 40 degree angle, both hands firmly grasping your phone, thumbs dancing across the screen. In just under five minutes you hold in your hand your very own emoji!

If the minimal selection of emoji faces on your keypad has left you wanting more – download Bitmoji so you can intensively select the absolute best response to your friends and family.

These guys just don’t cut it nowadays. Sad but true.












Wanna jump on the bandwagon? Just go to the app store and search the name – Bitmoji. Winner winner, chicken dinner when you find the cute little wink below.


You won’t regret it, I promise. Once your creation is complete you can add this to your keyboard on your phone and laboriously search out the perfect expressions for each text.

Let the text messaging fun commence!

I recently sent this one to my hubby.  He FullSizeRenderresponded with the text below.


He knows me so well!



Right on Target Pizza

Some days are just normal days.

Some days are just ordinary days.

Some days are Target days. This is where magic happens and ChaVo dreams come to life.


On Target days – this girl knows something good is about to happen.

Today’s good thing, was this t-shirt. Untitled

Tid-bit of honesty; I do believe there is more to life than a slice of that cheesy goodness but life is greatly enhanced with pizza in it. GREATLY ENHANCED!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure to meet up with a sweet friend of mine. We decided to hit up our favorite Detroit pizza joint, Supinos. We split not one but two personal size pizzas. Don’t act like your not impressed. As we sat there chatting, the delivery guy walked up with a third pizza and explained how he’d brought us the wrong toppings. This made our grand total pizza count, three.

Be still my heart.

It’s been a happy week filled with pizza dreams.