DIY Table Runner


We bought our current house last year. We made the long journey, a mile up the street from Harper Woods to Grosse Pointe Woods. Our last house was adorable. It kept us dry in the rain, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. For a time, our first home served us well.

With the dream of expanding our family becoming a reality and both Matthew and I working from home we were getting a little cramped. I work out of my home office 99% of the time. So last fall when we began looking to buy a home we really wanted four bedrooms. One bedroom for us, two bedrooms for babes and one for an office. The office might very well be converted to another nursery if I get my way but that’s for God to decide.

For now it’s my little sanctuary.

This is my inspiration. Minus the antlers.


To start building my dream space I recently purchased a white desk. Now I am not the type of girl who should own anything white. I eat a lot of pizza. Red sauce and white don’t mesh well. To preserve my white desk I knew I would have to have put something over it’s surface if it was going to last more than a week. So I got crafty and made a table runner.

Up until three years ago, if a button fell off a shirt I had to have my Mom sew it back on. When I entered my thirties I decided it was a long overdue, necessary task I needed to achieve. However, sewing actual material together to make something functional, not in the cards at this pinnacle of my life.

I knew I had some fusible tape in my craft box that would work just as well as thread. Within 10 minutes I had a cute little cover for my cute little table.

All you need is….

  • Fusible Bonding Web you can pick up at Joann’s
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Cute Fabric
  • Iron
  • Ruler


I bought a yard of fabric from the 30% off pile at Joann’s. Then I started on one side of the fabric by ironing an inch wide crease. I slipped the tape in the crease and with a little steam from the iron it was sealed in seconds. Then I repeated this on the other three sides and within minutes I had a tailor made table runner.



I can’t wait to get festive and make some of these for the Holidays!